Paramita is an international collective of Buddhist groups working together to create an environment in which Buddhadharma can flourish. Paramita groups work individually and as a coordinated collective to provide educational programs for a general audience to increase awareness of Buddhist principles and organize spiritual events for Buddhist communities to cultivate compassion and wisdom. 

Paramita means transcendent wisdom, a vision of reality where absolutely all beings have the potential to attain the perfect state of happiness and fulfillment. Paramita also means transcendent virtue, a call to action to empower all beings with the spiritual resources to realize their full potential. Our broad mission is based on the noble aspirations of HH the 41st Sakya Trizin which guide us to develop initiatives that foster learning, reflection and meditation for practitioners of all levels. Paramita aspires to be a bridge from the Himalayas to the world, playing a meaningful role in transmitting the essence of Buddhadharma, safeguarded by Tibetans for many centuries, and ensuring that future generations uphold the treasured teachings.


Awaken your true nature.

Meditation and mind training courses offered online.