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Best Travel Sites: What to Do and Where to Eat

Some travelers like to pick a vacation destination and leave the details to chance, while others feel the need to carefully plan and schedule their vacation days. Whichever side of the planning spectrum you fall on, you’ll want to have an idea of the area’s must-see attractions and best places to eat. And the easiest way to know is to check out my favorite travel planning sites for pre-trip planning and apps for making plans on the go.

5 best sites and apps to get you through the weekend is a great site for someone wanting to escape. They match your travel preferences with local experts that they call “Insiders.” These “Insiders” not only connect with you online to help you set everything up, they can actually meet you in the city of choice and personally show you around. The experiences can range from “off the beaten path” attractions like street art tours to eating like a local. The way to get started is to simply create your account, answer a few questions about where you want to go and what you are looking forward to doing, and the site matches you with a Vayable-certified insider, which takes about 12 hours. I know it’s kind of a different way to travel, but what a great way to get a real inside look at a city.

The Future of Travel: Humanity

The birth of commercial air travel gave way to an unrivaled experience of luxury and service while catapulting us into a new era of global connectivity. Only decades later we book flights and hotels online with a click of the mouse and take advice on restaurants and local activities online from complete strangers.

Interview with Jamie Wong on IdeaMensch

My first travel experience was when I went to a Native American reservation with my third-grade class. I stayed in the home of a Hopi family. There was no running water, and there weren’t any supermarkets. We picked our own greens for dinner. This immersive backdoor experience became my template for travel.