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Travel Trends for 2014

In 2013, we saw groundbreaking advancements in the travel space, which is constantly moving forward in step with technology and changes in consumer behavior. The evolution of this industry has teed up 2014 to have some interesting new trends to watch out for. Next year, we’ll see new concepts, such as "workations," and an increase in a consumer demand for faster, more fulfilling getaways as vacations remain few and far between for the average worker. Read on to find out what we’ll see over the coming year.

Chic Peek Takes San Francisco: Vayable's Jamie Wong Shares Her Packing Essentials List (Overpackers Everywhere, Rejoice)

How many times have you checked out another girl's outfit and then mentally "pinned" everything she has on? Guilty as charged! So, instead of standing idly by making mental Pinterest boards, I decided to ask some women I find irresistibly chic to give me a peek into their homes and closets. This week, we hit the road and headed up to the City by the Bay, San Francisco, to visit their arbiters of style.

10 great places that live up to their reputation

Some places get such a build-up that they can't possibly live up to their reputation. Visitors leave having checked off their bucket list, but feeling vaguely unsatisfied. But occasionally a destination delivers big time, says Jamie Wong, founder of, a site connecting visitors to locals who offer insider tours and travel advice. "Even in the hyped up world of travel, some places are truly remarkable," Wong says. She shares some favorites with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

The Future of Travel: Humanity

The birth of commercial air travel gave way to an unrivaled experience of luxury and service while catapulting us into a new era of global connectivity. Only decades later we book flights and hotels online with a click of the mouse and take advice on restaurants and local activities online from complete strangers.