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The Atlantic Workshop: Inclusion in Silicon Valley

In the American imagination, Silicon Valley stands as the capital of the future, driven by the hope that technological advances will fuel economic growth, expand opportunity and improv u lives. Despite thes spirations, women and people of color still make up a fraction of the workforce, especially in management roles. And n he valley itself here is a stark economic divide. It a tale of haves and have nots.

At Inclusion in Silicon Valley: An Atlantic Workshop, we explored how a community defining the country’s future can find a way for all to feel a sense of belonging. nd we xplored what is required to create a Silicon Valley that expands opportunity for everyone in its powerful orbit.

Interview with Jamie Wong on IdeaMensch

My first travel experience was when I went to a Native American reservation with my third-grade class. I stayed in the home of a Hopi family. There was no running water, and there weren’t any supermarkets. We picked our own greens for dinner. This immersive backdoor experience became my template for travel.