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Compartir experiencias turísticas en destino entre particulares

En los últimos años han proliferado una serie de plataformas online que permiten ofrecer experiencias turísticas en destino entre particulares. Una persona se promociona como guía local para ofrecer un servicio a un viajero que quiere conocer un lugar fuera de los circuitos tradicionales. Las propuestas son muy variadas, desde rutas gastronómicas, culturales y deportivas a recorridos de compras y tours fotográficos, entre otras. Buen ejemplo de este tipo de plataformas son Vayable o Trip4real, creadas ambas por jóvenes emprendedoras.

With Vayable's New Travel App, Everyone's a Local

Travel is a strange thing: simultaneously one of the most freeing things a person can do—partying in Istanbul! snorkeling in Nassau!—while also one of the most tedious, with hours spent pouring over Lonely Planets and "36 Hours In" articles and soliciting suggestions from friends. A new app from Vayable aims to more thoroughly infuse your travel with a sense of improvisation, by enabling users to book spontaneous experiences offered by local guides

Best Travel Sites: What to Do and Where to Eat

Some travelers like to pick a vacation destination and leave the details to chance, while others feel the need to carefully plan and schedule their vacation days. Whichever side of the planning spectrum you fall on, you’ll want to have an idea of the area’s must-see attractions and best places to eat. And the easiest way to know is to check out my favorite travel planning sites for pre-trip planning and apps for making plans on the go.