9 Successful Tech Founders On Outsourcing Product Development

#6 Relationships – the most valuable asset when building a product

The purpose of a startup is to learn and grow as quickly as possible. It’s a tango between your customers and your product, each responding to the other at a fast clip, until you are perfectly in sync and achieve product market fit. For us, there were many times when it was tempting to outsource some of the development work thinking it would speed things up, but this is rarely the case because you may be building something faster, but it’s likely the wrong thing.

Relationships are one of the most valuable assets you can have when building a product: your relationships with your team, your customers and your investors. I first invested in building strong relationships with the early members of our community. We’ve grown together through Vayable and we share an incredible mix of trust, respect and gratitude that allows us all to drive the product and business forward.

I also brought a very clear vision of what I wanted Vayable to be, even before we had a product or customer base, and we’ve stayed on course with that vision, which is why I believe we are still growing today. We’ve had to respond to market shifts and learnings along the way, of course, but the WHY we are doing this had always remained the same.