Travel Trends for 2014


In 2013, we saw groundbreaking advancements in the travel space, which is constantly moving forward in step with technology and changes in consumer behavior. The evolution of this industry has teed up 2014 to have some interesting new trends to watch out for. Next year, we’ll see new concepts, such as "workations," and an increase in a consumer demand for faster, more fulfilling getaways as vacations remain few and far between for the average worker. Read on to find out what we’ll see over the coming year.

  1. Flying by the seat of our pants. Everything is instant these days. Because we’re accustomed to instant gratification, people are increasingly waiting till the last minute to book trips. The growing demand is going to keep travel providers on their toes!
  2. Health. Staying healthy is a full-time gig, and the travel industry is beginning to recognize that. Airlines have improved in-flight dining with more nutritious selections, and travelers are staying dedicated by bringing healthy options, like dehydrated green drinks, on the road and working out while away.
  3. Getting off the beaten path. Instead of staying in their comfort zones, people are beginning to escape the familiar in order to have more rewarding and memorable experiences during their vacation. Read this story for some tips on how to get out of your comfort zone while traveling.
  4. Workations. Truly groundbreaking solutions never hit you while you’re spinning wheels at your desk. That’s why more employees are working remotely as a team and taking the opportunity to build stronger connections with each other. A change of scenery from the office cubicle can inspire new ideas and foster creative energy.
  5. Winter is the new summer. The year’s first snow is always enchanting, but by the second one, many are ready to retire shovels and return to warmer weather. Going to the southern hemisphere during northern winters lets people escape both winter doldrums and summer vacation crowds while taking time off when it’s needed most due to end-of-year stresses.
  6. Building global communities. Thanks to technology, different communities, including everything from foodies to runners to photographers, have formed meaningful connections online. Now, these communities are starting to take these connections offline by meeting up in new places to share their passions while discovering a new destination.
  7. Groupaways are the new family vacation. As the freelance economy and flexibility in the work culture is growing, millennials are increasingly building "families" out of their friends and social networks, and the ability to pool money together for experiences is easier than ever. This all gives way to a growing trend of group getaways
  8. Hyper-personalization. Travelers are trading in cookie-cutter vacations for authentic experiences that they’ll carry with them long after their vacations end. Instead of relying on packages and impersonal online research, travelers want a truly tailored experience that will be the most rewarding during their precious time off.

Jamie Wong is the Creative Braintrust Leadership Expert and Co-Founder & CEO of Originally published in Fast Company.